At Good Fish, we do the hard work researching and finding the world's best fish so you don't have to worry about your food choices. By buying Good Fish you can rest assured you have made a sound ecological choice.

Our fish is ethical and sustainable, so by buying Good Fish you know that your food comes from completely renewable sources, with workers fairly rewarded for their labour, and their work traditions protected.

When choosing which fish to sell, we go to the source to ensure that each fish is responsibly wild caught in pristine waters and hand-processed using traditional methods.

We certainly do not buy from maxi-trawlers whose overfishing practices and use of slave labour we condemn in the strongest possible terms. In buying Good Fish products, you'll know that you are making a responsible food choice, both for you, the environment and the people who bring you these wonderful products.

This monument of The Fish Preserving Lady, shows a a woman filleting fish in the Southern Spanish tradition still practiced today.

This monument of The Fish Preserving Lady, shows a a woman filleting fish in the Southern Spanish tradition still practiced today.


  • Fish are caught in small local boats that use small nets or pole and line, with only one hook per line, and according to size criteria.
  • All our fish are caught in managed wild fishing zones under the European Commission's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) for mackerel, sardines and tuna and under the MSC certification for Alaskan salmon.
  • Reduction of by-catch is paramount. If a dolphin is in a net the whole batch must be released. 
  • Fish are caught to a quota system, which means that sometimes our fish are unavailable as the quota has been filled. According to all our fishing standards, when a quota for a species is filled, all fishing must cease.
  • We do not use threatened species. In fact all of our fish fall into the lowest-threat of endangerment categories according to IUCN regulations.


  •  All our fish are caught wild in areas where they are best. Only the finest quality fish are selected, specifically those with bright eyes, bright-red gills and which are generally "brilliant" looking fish.
  • The fish is caught close to the processing facility, carefully chilled, then processed fresh within 24 hours.
  • Processing is done by hand in Spain in traditional methods that have been honed by skilful craftswomen over generations.
  • No chemicals are used in the processing or preserving of our fish. In some parts of the world is common to dip the fish for chemical peeling. Our facility in Spain was the first fish-processing facility to gain organic certification for processing with organic oils totally free from contamination, naturally.
  • All our wild-caught fish are selected where they are best in the world and processed by the best in the world. That's our point of difference.
  • Fishing is done mainly in the summer when the quality of the fish is better because their fat level is higher, the meat is more tender and the taste is delicious.
  • All tins are BPA-free and have been since BPA-free tins became available. Good Fish has been ahead of the pack in this regard. 
  • In processing, the innards and blood and removed before processing which leads to superior flavour, tenderness, fat properties and quality in the fish. 
  • The hand processing component  of this product done entirely by women, as is the tradition. Some of women who work in peeling and filleting have been proudly employed in their craft for a lifetime.